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Getting discounts and offers from Area Sheffield from 24 May, 2018

We regularly send out text messages and e-mails to highlight offers for events here at Area Sheffield:, including drinks offers, ticket offers and early bird access to tickets. From the 24 May 2018, we want to make sure that we’re sending these lovely offers to only those who want to benefit from them.

In simple terms, we’ll use your mobile number to send you text messages each week (usually two – one on a Friday and one on a Saturday, usually around 7pm) and we’ll use your e-mail address to send you marketing e-mails each week (usually ​three - four). Sometimes when we have promoters running an event at Area Sheffield, they’ll ask that we send out an e-mail and/or a text message to promote the event. We always do this on their behalf and never share your number or e-mail address with them.

For the legal privacy policy – head to this link

We’ve recently sent a text message out to all our friends to confirm if you’d like to continue receiving the offers. If you would like to continue to receive these offers you just need to reply yes to the message.

We have also recently sent an email to all of our friends to confirm you would like to continue receiving offers for events, birthday offers and more. If you would like to continue to receive these offers you just need to update your preferences on the email sent.

If you have not received any of this communication and would like to continue to receive these offers. Please fill in your details below. By submitting your information in the form below, you’re allowing us to send you great offers.

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Our social media accounts

You can also benefit from exclusive offers by following ​Area Sheffield on Snapchat – all our offers are available on our Snapchat story which allows you to check for them whenever you head down to Area Sheffield.

You can add us by username: ​areasheffield

You can also find us on Facebook (click here); Twitter (click here) and Instagram (click here)

Unsubscribing from our lists

Perhaps you’ve left University now or moved away from Sheffield; maybe we’re texting you more than your mother; or maybe you just want us to leave you alone. If that’s the case, it’s really easy to unsubscribe from any of our marketing:


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